Who we are

Excellent is the meaning of greek word ‘’Ariston’’. This word had in mind the founders of Ariston Broadcast & Telecom Solutions SA, when they started the company back in 2005. Based on the knowledge they have gained for more than 12 years in the broadcast field, they aimed at providing the very best solutions for their customers. Indeed, the success of the company was just because in every single project, no matter of the budget, the solution provided was the best possible solution for the given budget!

In 2016 Ariston BTS SA joined forces with UAE based sales team and Ariston Broadcast &Telecom Solutions FZC was founded.

By exploiting the vast experience and the resources of the existing S.A and the knowledge of the local market provided by local team, Ariston Broadcast & Telecom Solutions FZC is aiming at delivering the very best solutions, at the right price, On Air! On Time!

What we can do

Ariston BTS FZC has the ability to drive a complete project from it’s concept until the end.

  • Technical consultancy

    We have the know how to provide our customers with the proper pieces of information in order to help them decide what is the best solution for them.

  • Design

    We know that for a successful project, proper work has to be done ahead. No matter what the budget is, a good design will lead to a robust system.

  • Equipment procurement

    We are at a position to offer equipment from major broadcast manufacturers

  • Integration

    We can offer integration services, so that the design will transform to a complete system.

  • Set-up, customization

    We know that just plugging in equipment wont make a system fully functional.

  • Training

    Also even the best equipment wont be of use if operators don’t know how to do the job properly.

  • Documentation

    All technical data of the project is delivered in electronic format (CAD drawings, wiring lists, equipment layouts, IP schedules, configuration files etc)

  • On air support

    As soon as a system goes on air, effort needs to be put, for the system to be working properly.

  • After sales Technical support

    Eventually even the best equipment breaks at some point, whether this is hardware or software. We will be there to find and solve the problem.